"Toulouse Mobility Solutions Exhibition" will be supported by Ço:K

Ço:K signed a cooperation agreement to support the Toulouse Mobility Solutions Exhibition, the first of which will be held this year.

Kentsel planlama

France is on the way to become one of the leading countries in innovative mobility solutions through that it will held the “Mobility Solutions Exhibition”. It is aimed to provide an appropriate environment for enterprises which are developing innovative technologies to reach new markets which is announced to be of great interest to the main industries operating in the mobility sectors, especially the automotive sector by the event. The exhibition will be held at the new exhibition center in Toulouse on 4-6 November 2020. Panels, meetings will set out on the air, sea and land mobility solutions areas while demo, animation shows and expert workshops will be included within the scope of the fair. If you want to take part in this exhibition, please contact with Ço:K via the coop4m@gmail.com e-mail address.